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Here, at Elixir Face and Body, every microblading treatment we offer is tailored uniquely to you.

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Microblading & SMPU Services

Our highly experienced technicians work with all skin and hair types, applying a level of precision that ensures your eyebrow transformation is nothing short of spectacular.

Our unique process is entirely personalised, beginning with a complimentary consultation and extending through to the included follow-up treatment. Each step is crucial in achieving the perfect eyebrow architecture that complements your unique facial features. This dedication to detail guarantees consistently beautiful and flawless, natural-looking results.

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Why Choose Us?

Microblading is an incredibly precise art, performed with a hand-blade tool equipped with 10-12 fine needles. This meticulous technique involves the gentle scratching of the skin's surface to deposit pigment into the top layer.

Unlike traditional tattooing, microblading is relatively painless, thanks to the application of numbing cream, which ensures your comfort throughout the procedure.

After healing, your brows become water-resistant, allowing you to swim, run, and face the elements without worrying about daily makeup touch-ups.

At Elixir Face and Body, we prioritise quality. We exclusively use the highest medical-grade pigments, carefully sourced for their longevity, stability, and true colour. These formulas are free of iron oxides, minimising the need for frequent touch-ups and ensuring your semi-permanent makeup remains beautiful and long-lasting.

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